Making some weird stuff, learning some new things.

"LIMBO0o" (2022)

Old lettering exploration + new camera moves

"Raspberry Ice 2199 Max UV+" (2022)

Cinema 4D round two, Redshift round one

"BIG mood" (2022)

Old type exploration + new camera moves

"brokentree" (2021)

Cinema 4D round one

"Falafel 3c5" (2021)

Making the most of a Maxon 15 day trial

"Hol'y Lava" (2021)

Rex investigates the Pacific Ocean, a slow build...

"RODMAN V2e" (2021)

The official unofficial "PUAR - Rodman" visualizer

Remix Sunday (2017—18)

Violator (2020)

Kyle Woods (2010—19)