Back in the blog era hay day heavyweight music blog and record label Palms Out Sounds would release a slew of unofficial remixes every single week, this tradition was known as Remix Sunday. Riffing on that concept, I used this project as a means to create conceptualized alternative album art, experimenting with different techniques and pushing outside my comfort zone—just keeping the creative flowing.

Looking back at this... Some of these are quite strange...
25/25, Led Zeppelin "Black Dog" — I thought it would be fitting to wrap this miniseries with one of the greatest songs of all time from one of the greatest bands of all time. Photo: A playful fight between a couple of our Rover dogs Chile and Augi.
24/25 Meek Mill "Lord Knows" — Over the last 100 years, Deutsche Grammophon (1898) has released multiple renditions of Mozart’s “Requiem Mass in D minor”, the prominent sample in "Lord Knows." This is an ode to them. Photo: Wiki Commons, 8th symphony of Mahler, Kölner Philharmonie, 27-6-2009 By Hanserblich (CC BY 3.0) [Color edit]
23/25 2Chainz, Drake, Quavo "Bigger Than You" — Lee Haney, 8-time Mr. Olympia, is one of the most referenced bodybuilders in rap music.
22/25 Yaeji “Passionfruit" — This is technically a Drake song, but I would argue that it belongs to Yaeji now.
21/25 Rae Sremmurd, Future "Buckets"
20/25 PARTYNEXTDOOR “Wednesday Night Interlude” — Original texture work, photos: @missinglewood
19/20 Ms. Boogie, Thurmon Green "Terminal" — photo: Google, uncredited
18/25 Seth Troxler, Matthew Dear "Hurt" — One of my favorite tunes from back in the day. They made this song in four hours, so...
17/25 Levon Vincent "Double Jointed Sex Freak (Part One)" — Dark, driving Techno + scanning in a bunch of paper scraps
16/25 Paranoid London "Paris Dub 1" — A gritty Acid House tune + the gradient mesh tool to the 1000th degree
15/25 Drake "Signs" — A remix of an old original acrylic on canvas composite piece. Photo: Monica May, Model: Johanna Williams
14/25 Rusko “Cockney Thug (Caspa Remix)" — An "organic" to lettering using pen and paper, photo: Google, Guy Ritchie (Snatch)
13/25 ASAP MOB "Raf (Frank Ocean Verse)" — I found some foil paper...
12/25 Massive Attack, Mos Def "I Against I" — Photos: Kyle Woods (shoe blood), Mason Dent (fish blood)
11/25 Ratatat "Wildcat" — iTunes hit me with this classic on shuffle + experimenting with some different textures from Texture Fabrik and original marker work. Photos: Hazel Terry (cat), Kyle Woods (Puerto Rico)
10/25 Toro Y Moi "So Many Details" —An all-time song... Photo: @mars_obnoxious
9/25 Panda Bear "Bros" — I was in a real 'paint marker phase' for the next couple...
8/25 Atlas Sound, Noah Lennox "Walkabout" — This one is quite strange. Photo: @CERN
7/25 Digitalism "Apollo-Gize (Breakbot Hypnotoad Rmx)" — Pulls from the loft slash house parties that we used to throw in Chicago in the late 2000's: big, big mood. Photos: Mason Dent
6/25 Blood Orange "Desirée" — Aesthetic inspired by the vocal snippet from Paris Is Burning, a documentary which Netflix describes as "an intimate portrait of 1980s Harlem drag balls." Photo: Matt Van Anderson
5/25 TNGHT "Higher Ground" — The tune is actually a certified club banger, but I thought it'd be fun to reimagine the cover as a jazz track since it features some kind of a brass instrument.
4/25 DJ Slugo, DJ Jay R "Where Yo Werks At?" — I originally tried to type the lyrics out in realtime but since this is a Juke track, one of my favorites, that didn't work out so well.
3/25 Future, YG "Extra Luv" — Type work. Photos: Mathias Appel (Flickr), Texture Fabrik
2/25 Falside "Bad and Boujee Remix" — Marker work. Photo: Ms. Phoenix (Flickr)
1/25 Mr. Carmack "Humbled" — Kicking the series off with a Brasstax classic. Photo: Me (Key West)