Back in the blog era hay day heavyweight music blog and record label Palms Out Sounds would release a slew of unofficial remixes every single week, this tradition was known as Remix Sunday. Riffing on that concept, I used this project as a means to create conceptualized alternative album art, experimenting with different techniques and pushing outside my comfort zone—just keeping the creative flowing.
25/25, Led Zeppelin "Black Dog" — I thought it would be fitting to wrap this miniseries with one of the greatest songs of all time from one of the greatest bands of all time. Photo: A playful fight between a couple of our Rover dogs Chile and Augi.
24/25 Meek Mill "Lord Knows" — Over the last 100 years, Deutsche Grammophon (1898) has released multiple renditions of Mozart’s “Requiem Mass in D minor”, the prominent sample in "Lord Know." This is an ode to them. Photo: Wiki Commons, 8th symphony of Mahler, Kölner Philharmonie, 27-6-2009 By Hanserblich (CC BY 3.0) [Color edit]
23/25 2Chainz, Drake, Quavo "Bigger Than You" — Lee Haney, 8-time Mr. Olympia, is historically one of the most referenced bodybuilders in rap music. It just felt right to put him on the cover of this heavy hitter. Photo: Google, uncredited
22/25 Yaeji “Passionfruit" — This is technically a Drake song, but I would argue that it belongs to Yaeji now.
21/25 Rae Sremmurd, Future "Buckets"
20/25 PARTYNEXTDOOR “Wednesday Night Interlude” — An experiment with original textures, photos: @missinglewood
19/20 Ms. Boogie, Thurmon Green "Terminal" — Looking at different marker treatments and weird things, photo: Google, uncredited
18/25 Seth Troxler, Matthew Dear "Hurt" — One of my favorite tunes from back in the day. I heard they made this song in four hours so I kept myself to the same parameters.
17/25 Levon Vincent "Double Jointed Sex Freak (Part One)" — Dark, driving Techno + having some fun with my scanner and a bunch of pieces of scrap paper
16/25 Paranoid London "Paris Dub 1" — A gritty Acid House tune + the gradient mesh tool to the 1000th degree
15/25 Drake "Signs" — A remix of an old original acrylic on canvas composite piece. Photo: Monica May, Model: Johanna Williams
14/25 Rusko “Cockney Thug (Caspa Remix)" — Experimenting with a more chaotic approach to lettering using pen and paper, photo: Google, Guy Ritchie (Snatch)
13/25 ASAP MOB "Raf (Frank Ocean Verse)"— More scanner fun, this time creating original textures with some foil paper
12/25 Massive Attack, Mos Def "I Against I" — Photos: Kyle Woods (shoe blood), Mason Dent (fish blood)
11/25 Ratatat "Wildcat" — iTunes hit me with this classic on shuffle + experimenting with some different textures from Texture Fabrik and original marker work. Photos: Hazel Terry (cat), Kyle Woods (Puerto Rico)
10/25 Toro Y Moi "So Many Details" — One of my favorites pieces of the series, also an all-time song. Photo: @mars_obnoxious
9/25 Panda Bear "Bros" — I was in a real 'paint marker phase' for the next couple...
8/25 Atlas Sound, Noah Lennox "Walkabout" — Photo: @CERN
7/25 Digitalism "Apollo-Gize (Breakbot Hypnotoad Rmx)" — One time I put this tune on and just flipped through these old photos from the loft slash house parties that we used to throw in Chicago in the late 2000's: big, big vibe. Photos: Mason Dent
6/25 Blood Orange "Desirée" — Aesthetic inspired by the vocal snippet from Paris Is Burning, a documentary which Netflix describes as "an intimate portrait of 1980s Harlem drag balls." Photo: Matt Van Anderson
5/25 TNGHT "Higher Ground" — The tune is actually a certified club banger, but I thought it'd be fun to reimagine the cover as a jazz track since it features some kind of a brass instrument.
4/25 DJ Slugo, DJ Jay R "Where Yo Werks At?" — I originally tried to type the lyrics out in realtime but since this is a Juke track, one of my favorites, that didn't work out so well.
3/25 Future, YG "Extra Luv" — Type work, photos: Mathias Appel (Flickr), Texture Fabrik
2/25 Falside "Bad and Boujee Remix" — Marker work, photo: Ms. Phoenix (Flickr)
1/25 Mr. Carmack "Humbled" — Kicking the series off with a Brasstax classic. Photo: Me (Key West)