From concept to ongoing execution for The Whistler's Relax Attack Jazz Series—a weekly event since 2008. Every note of this evolving brand refresh is conceptually rooted in different corners of the jazz ethos, an Anthony Burrill poster in my bosses office, and a Herbie Hancock story about Miles Davis. A passion project through and through.

(1) Type and imagery loosely reference sheet music arrangements, (2) Art does whatever it wants, (3) The slightly-off 'glyph' represents the relax/ attack [yin/yang] of jazz, (4) Color came from the source [me via BTX], (5) The template was built simple, primarily for weekly digital-first turnarounds, and considered for broader applications of promo.

The Whistler Jam is a monthly jam sesh and sister-night to RA—JS. The art for this will be an 'exquisite corpse' of sorts.
Template 1.5 is an evolution: tweaked and simplified in response to artist and fan engagement
(added instruments, began to phase out photos, and other small layout fine-tunes)
Template 1.0 was released WIP with the intention of evolving it live. While the core of the layout stayed the same, it was fun to explore the rest of the space every week.