Nike Air has always been more than a shoe; it's a state of mind, it's the crazy dream, it's the wild idea—we took that to heart when bringing the Air Max Day 2022 lineup of silhouettes to life across digital. By dropping the gravity down to 0, we turned the vibe up to 100; creating an ultra smooth sense of motion design and weightlessness. Enjoy some of the nearly 40 assets per silhouette that the team delivered.

Executive Creative Director: Frank Dattalo — Creative Director: Kyle Stewart, Joel Harding — Art Direction: Aaron Villeneuve, Tyler Wong, Alice Wang — Design Director: Karina Gill — Associate Design Director: Cambie Sidhu — Design Supervisor: Ella Williams — Production Design: Michael San Jose, Joanne Papasin, Monika Souryaphanh, Vivian Leung — Program Director: Audrie Sham — Project Coordinator: Kelly McLarty — Strategy: Shawn Thompson, Kat Swiston — Marketing Science: Gianfranc Ciarmela, Lainey Luo, Anagh Katyayan — Account: Heather Livengood, Amy Dyson — Critical Mass, 2022
WIPs: the team had a ton of fun exploring z-space and motion triggers
Snap Lens AR, and Quest VR add-on activations