With NEON being the brewery's largest and brightest series of brews to date, the label always had to be a special one—something completely out of category. Working closely with the team, I learned their labeling machine could go as small as 3/4" in height, this seemed like the perfect way to let these Pét-Nat beauties speak for themselves.
Other goodies: scroll down a bit further for a few additional cans, bottles, and glassware. Photos courtesy Hopewell Brewing, via Jack Li, untappd, and Instagram.
Other goodies

Ya Filthy Animal (Holiday Sour, 2020 update), lights 'n twinkles, metallic ink, keep the change.

Arrow of Time (Wild ale, 2020), the first of a "once in a while" series of Oak aged Wild Ales. Abstract type, many more to come.

Fair Point (Belgian-Style Ale, 2019), "you know what, that's a fair point" is what you might hear in a debate about art, so I kept the label blank to let people color it in themselves and have a debate about art. Please color responsibly.

Electric Jewel (Wild Ale w/ paw-paw, 2019), matte paper with glossy spot varnish jewels + jewel exploration

Stonethrow (Wild Ale w/ peach, 2018), three year anniversary label and fruit stickers (applied by hand) + exploration + glassware