On-board since 2017, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with the great team at one of Chicago's most delightful breweries—contributing art for a handful of ongoing series (NEON, neonette, Deluxe, Arrow of Time) and one-off labels. Studio photos courtesy of Hopewell Brewing, via Jack Li.
With NEON being the brewery's largest and brightest series of brews to date, the label always had to be a special one—something completely out of category. Working closely with the team, I learned their labeling machine could go as small as 3/4" in height, this seemed like the perfect way to let these Pét-Nat beauties speak for themselves. Ongoing since early 2019.



Deluxe (Imperial Stout, 2020), 11% dessert-like heavy hitters, gold top, sparkly metallic ink

Original / @hardcorecraftbeer

Vanilla / @hopculturemag

Ya Filthy Animal (Holiday Sour, 2020 update), lights 'n twinkles, metallic ink, keep the change


Arrow of Time (Wild ale, 2020), the first of a "once in a while" series of Oak aged Wild Ales. Abstract type, more to come.

Fair Point (Belgian-Style Ale, 2019), "you know what, that's a fair point" is what you might hear in a debate about art, so I kept the label blank to let people color it in themselves and have a debate about art. Please color responsibly.

Electric Jewel (Wild Ale w/ paw-paw, 2019), matte paper with glossy spot varnish jewels + jewel exploration

Stonethrow (Wild Ale w/ peach, 2018), three year anniversary label and fruit stickers (applied by hand) + exploration + glassware