Catatonic is a breakthrough, immersive VR horror film from the totally sane minds of Guy Shelmerdine and Edward Robles. Originally released in 2015, this belter of an experience starts by strapping in to a custom rumble-pack equipped wheelchair and continues with sensorial stimulation as the user is ushered through a psychiatric hospital. Given the proximity to Halloween 2020, I thought it would be fun to revisit my contribution to the project and concept/ execute a new batch of creative (title, collateral, digital).

Produced with the teams at Smuggler and Dark Corner Studios, 2015 (revamped 2020).​​​​​​​
Character Editions — playing around with these scary ass character portraits, leaning into the grit of the film.
Graphic Editions — pairing experience imagery with a vibrating optical effect to unsettle a passerby
The refreshed digital experience is clean, contemporary, and painfully sterile—taking inspiration from St. Luke Medical Center in Pasadena, where the film was shot. Another cool note: when rolling over links you'll get an animation/ load effect that mirrors the updated title treatment.
A few snippets from the 2015 archives