Catatonic is a breakthrough, immersive VR horror film from the totally sane minds of Guy Shelmerdine and Edward Robles. Given the proximity to Halloween 2020, I thought it would be fun to revisit my contribution to the project and concept/ execute a fresh batch of creative. The new title, collateral, and digital experiences all aim to visualize different motifs of the film.

Produced with the teams at Smuggler and Dark Corner Studios, 2015 (revamped 2020).​​​​​​​
Character Editions — pairing these scary ass character portraits with a new prickly word-mark
Graphic Editions — pairing experience imagery with a vibrating optical effect to unsettle a passerby
The refreshed digital experience is clean, contemporary, and painfully sterile—taking inspiration from St. Luke Medical Center in Pasadena, where the film was shot. Another cool note: when rolling over links you'll get an animation/ load effect that mirrors the updated title treatment.
A few snippets from the 2015 archives