Concept and execution for Google Cloud Summit 2018, a highly immersive all-day conference helping to spread the gospel of Google's Cloud capabilities. With a packed, multi-vertical schedule of events in 28 cities across the globe, Google needed a design system to both unify these locations and simplify the plethora of offerings.
Each city shape started with Google Maps, of course. I started with the exact city limits outline, roughened it up, filled it in and smoothed it out. The result was a loose, cloud-like shape of each of the 28 locations. Stand-alone city shapes were treated with the addition of transit lines or landmarks.
Early exploration revolved more around the location names and the Google color palette. Once the city cloud concept got cooking I was able to play a bit more with scale, overlay effects, speaker imagery, and grid arrangement.
A few snaps that I pulled off the web. It was fun seeing how each city had been using all of the pieces that we handed off.
Produced with the team at VSA Partners, 2018.
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