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Here Be Dragons, Los Angeles

Posters, title, and collateral for Dispatch (Cannes Lions Gold Lion 2018, Sundance Official Selection 2018, Venice International Film Festival 2017), a VR miniseries created and directed by Edward Robles, starring Martin Starr (Silicon Valley). Experience it now via Oculus Rift or Gear VR.
Cannes Gold Lion 2018 edition posters/ Original posters from the initial release

We went super minimal for the additional collateral pieces (maze, police lights, police locator one/ two)

Venice International Film Festival catalogue imagery (experience feel)

The title treatment rides the line between classic cop movie and futuristic thriller

For the animated title treatment, Fire Panda (development, 3D modeling) took the plexus they created for the film and mapped it to the title typeface. Catch it at the tail end of the trailer below.