Bud Light x Lollapalooza
Anheuser-Busch, New York

Concept, research, and illustration for a limited edition Bud Light tallboy, exclusively available at the 25th Anniversary of Lollapalooza (2016). It started with researching who's come out of the Chicago music scene - turns out it's a lot. From young orchestral talent to Rock gods and Hip-Hop legends, each piece of this reimagined skyline represents a musician whose roots run deep in Chicago — some are obvious, others are quite hidden.

The Bud team loved the concept so much that they commissioned local artist Artpentry to transform the can into a life-sized, interactive part of their festival footprint.

Jeff Schear, Getty Images for Bud Light

Instagram was into it

The keytar was functional while the sampler doubled as a charge station / Jeff Schear, Getty Images for Bud Light

This stuff was life-sized! / Jeff Schear, Getty Images for Bud Light

Also present on Brown and Red line trains