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A limited series of prints compiled using over 150 original Acrylic, Oil, and Gouache works on paper. Each layer was scanned in and clipped out by hand and then placed into a single Photoshop document. A custom Photoshop script (graciously provided by a stranger from the Adobe forums) would randomly select a handful of layers, export the composition, then delete the layers to ensure no duplicates when the process was repeated. The result is five totally unique arrangements. 12x15 inches, HDR Archival Inkset, heavy rag stock paper with a matte finish. All photos Matthew Downe. Printed at Printlab in Chicago.

Free shipping and 100% of proceeds go to a charity of your choosing, you'll have to since the Genero.us platform went away.

Smell the smoke in the seats

Hear the chains when they cling

Break these bales right down

Lay back the roof

Put some ice on your neck